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Gala · A festive celebration
Reliquary · A shrine in which sacred relics are kept

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Welcome to Gala Reliquary, the personal site of Blaze Questella. This site is dedicated to her life, including old layouts for both web-pages and desktop. It has somewhat up to date (there's updates) profile of her life. All of her up and running (even if she doesn't go to them anymore XD) are listed here.

Update· 2·19·04
I have the layout up on the fanlistings and cliques page. Plus even though you can't see it (unless you have some off page linked) I moved pretty much everything on this site around, rewrote about a million a href and img src tags, deleted like 10megs worth of old stuff that wasn't being used, it's was a insane mess. But if I get my domian name soon (might be getting the money tomorrow) then It'll be easier to move my site! Hurray for me!

Update· 2·16·04
I added a new page, links, and not to long ago I added a new section for all of my cliques and fanlistings I've joined, though I'm still in the process of thinking of a layout to put up with it XD.

Update· 2·1·04
Well pretty much since I put the site on Hiatus, wrote that note in my journal, and talked to to Odile that one time, I've been making new layouts for everything. Well, I was inspired by somebody somewhere to make a Hannibal layout, so, here it is. Yes. I discovered something on Paint Shop Pro called a clone brush and that is how I have the images on the main image (the big one). I love my new clone brush friend ^^. Well I put this up at 6:30 Sunday morning. Going to bed now.